One woman's praises for what 3 months of GAPS has given her....
by Laura Villanti on January 3rd, 2012

Okay... I just read this post from a woman on the GAPSDiet yahoo group and had to share it...
I just wanted to start off this year with thanks for what the diet has done for
I have gone from not having enough strength to leave bed, to possessing enough
... stamina to do everything required of me plus more.
I have gone from sleeping poorly every night to a regular full night's rest.
From alternating sallow, orange, and green skin, I now enjoy a regular skin
colour which does not resemble an alien.
From nail which would never grow and hair which feel out in clumps, I have
strong, seemly nails and my thick head of hair from before.
From dim vision to not needing glasses.
From underweight and weak to healthy weight and strong.
From constant headaches to a clear mind for creativity and problem solving.
From never-ending stomach pains to no stomach pain.
From constipation to normality. (Yay!)
From no dairy at all ever, raw or otherwise, to yogurt, sour cream, and ghee.

These are just some of the benefits from three months on GAPS. I could go on and
on. So, just to encourage you all to stick with it! Things do get better.

The above may seem too rosy, but this is really what some folks experience. I do not doubt this woman's note at all. We don't really know what we are missing in our health often, until we are given better health. I just wanted to share it.

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