Functional Evaluation (FE)
Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTP)  have many tools that they use to assess overall balance and nutritional status within the body.   One of these tools is the Functional Evaluation.  
The  Functional Evaluation involves a series of palpations and other clinical assessment tests (such as pulse, blood pressure, pH of saliva, etc) that help NTPs identify specific areas of functional deficiencies. The tests were selected by the founders of the Nutritional Therapy Association following the research of a variety of functional medicine practitioners including Dr. Frank Chapman, Dr. George Goodheart, Dr. Robert Ridler, and Dr. Terrance Bennett, to name just a few. The FE is not invasive and not painful, however we do look for a tenderness rating for each reflex and palpation point.  The Functional Evaluation is not used therapeutically. Rather, it is a tool used for assessment, to gather information.    It allows the practitioner to use the innate wisdom of the body to show where it experiencing distress/imbalance and what it needs to be in balance.    It allows the client’s body to convey these needs to the practitioner. 

In summary, the Functional Evaluation technique allows the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to address the nutritional needs of their clients, assess their biochemical individuality and make tailored diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT)

The second part of the Functional Evaluation  involves Lingual-Neuro Testing (LNT). The LNT process allows the NTP to determine if a particular supplement/nutrient/food is beneficial and needed by the client.   After using the series of simple physical indicators in the Functional Evaluation, the NTP can perform a Lingual-Neuro Test on certain reflex points/indicators.     We have the client place the supplement/nutrient/food in their mouth, taste it without swallowing it,  and we retest the FE points to see if they change.    If the supplement/nutrient is beneficial, the point in question immediately changes in sensation.      
The LNT goes hand-in-hand with the Functional Evaluation.  It is a special feedback mechanism based on the neurological response of how the tastebuds communicate with the brain and through the central nervous system. 

All together, the Functional Evaluation and Lingual-Neuro Testing, along with the Food Journal review, Nutritional Health Assessment analysis and detailed health history allow the NTP to provide you with well-guided recommendations for diet, nutrition and lifestyle based on your biochemically individual needs.