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We LOVE to share testimonials as we know that they are inspiring to EVERYONE. Here is a note we recently received from a client:

Good news! (my 3 month update after following GAPS)

- My anxiety and OCD are MINIMAL. I can't tell you what a relief this is to have my mind back. I can tell you a hundred different ways this has improved my life: I am not occupied for days when I hear depressing news or constantly making up worst-case scenarios to dwell on; I have established a "normal" level of clean in my home instead of a freakishly orderly one, leaving me more time for friends, volunteering, reading, exercising, enjoying life; my relationship with my husband is at an all-time high.

- I can breathe better! My lungs feel huge and clear, like they take up my whole torso. It feels amazing, and even more amazing is that I never EVER would have reported having a breathing problem before now.

- Previous symptoms of PMS (cramps, hot flashes, lightheadedness, mood swings) were non-existent last month for the first time.

- I have lost weight in some difficult areas (belly, sides) and gained muscle.

- My thumbnails have grown out and have none of the deep groves in them. They are completely smooth now.

- I have greatly reduced cravings for alcohol, which used to occur nightly. I am down to drinking wine at most, one night a week. Herbal teas are now the nighttime norm.

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