We hope you enjoy our first newsletter!

Hello to all! I am very excited to share with you our FIRST newsletter for At Home With Wellness. I have desired to have a newsletter for some time, as it will be a way for me to reach out, connect, and help to further inspire and educate. I know that the road to ‘finding optimal digestive health and overall health’ can be a long and varied road for some. I also know that the road to digestive wellness through using the GAPS protocol has been so very beautiful for so many. The roads vary for everyone, as we are all biochemically individual with a varied history of stress, foods consumed, antibiotic usage, family lineage, and more.

It is my desire to help educate and inspire each of you, as you take this journey toward re-balancing our gut and finding your optimal wellness. My goal is to have a quarterly newsletter in which we will share success stories, great recipes, tips, info on upcoming classes, and more.

Do you have a success story to share? Your story of success can help inspire others, as it is for certain, that there is someone else out there right now that that has experienced what you had……….and is in need of support, encouragement and inspiration. Your story may be just what another person needs to hear right this very minute. See below in our newsletter – we would love for you to share your success and/or any favorite GAPS recipes with us.

I have plans to create some advanced gut-health classes in the coming new year. We will share them in the next newsletter. Please note - you are receiving this newsletter as a client or friend of At Home With Wellness. If you do not wish to receive future newsletters, you can unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter.

Wishing you a happy, peaceful, and love filled holiday season.

With gratitude that I can be with you on your journey to wellness,

Laura Villanti

At Home With Wellness, LLC
Certified GAPS Practitioner
Certified Healing Food Specialist - CHFS
Chapter Leader, Rochester NY - Weston A Price Foundation